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"...not only displays astounding vocals that shake the theatre, but acting that's so genuine you'll forget you're watching a scripted play."

-Domenica Castro,


"He is a silver-throated singer who masters Dr. Jekyll’s emotional burden as well as Mr. Hyde’s demonic physicality. In short, he is a powerhouse of a performer."

-Bob Abelman, Cleveland Jewish News


"It is on his shoulders that the show rests and he carries it with style. He is a true professional... His fine tenor voice fills the hall and there is no doubt when he is Dr. Jekyll and when the change to Mr. Hyde is made."

-Mark Horning, Cleveland Examiner


"Padgett impressively pulls double duty as proper Henry and promiscuous Edward, effectively switching between the contrasting personas without benefit of costume or makeup changes."

-In The Land of Cleve 


"Padgett as Jekyll/Hyde is fantastic. Firing on all cylinders, this artist creates an accessible Jekyll, showing his humanity, and then slowly, the vulnerability as he pursues his objective. With soaring vocals, he commands “This Is The Moment”, with show stopping resilience, counters with illuminated darkness on Hyde’s dramatic “Alive”, and is eerily monstrous in the tender “Sympathy, Tenderness.” This is a well textured and beautiful performance. ... in “Dangerous Game”, I had to remind myself I wasn’t watching pay-per-view. Riveting, provocative, and beautifully executed."

-Kevin Joseph Kelly, Tpography


"Michael Padgett ... is devilishly charismatic. Even in his quieter moments..., he exudes a vibrant energy. His voice skyrockets and stops the show during 'This Is The Moment' and wows us during 'The Transformation.'"
-Bill Moloney
Sullivan County Democrat


"There are actors who can sing, and there are singers who can act.
And then there is Michael Padgett." -Marcus Kalipolites

Times Herald-Record



"Michael Padgett, long, lean and laconic in the Timothy Olyphant mode, boasts a sinewy baritone that convinces us he merits Lizzie’s affections. His big ballad, “A Man and a Woman,” has you wondering why the song wasn’t a hit back in 1963." 

-Larry Collins,




"Michael Padgett is devilishly fun and faux debonair..."

-Matt Andrews, Poughkeepsie Journal


" His strong, deep voice beautifully fills the small venue...Michael Padgett's El Gallo truly carries the show with his deep, booming voice and dominating stage presence
-Sabrina C. Daly
DC TheatreScene

"In Mr. Padgett's hands, El Gallo was a vibrant, swashbuckling lothario with a heart of gold and a deep, rich soothing voice. Of special note were his renditions of the classic opener "Try to Remember" and several duets."
-Theresa Winslow

"Michael Padgett is a powerful Narrator and antagonist El Gallo, displaying a rich baritone that gets the evening off to a great start in his warm singing of "Try to Remember," and he also moves well in mock duels and in dance. His matinee idol looks don't hurt either, intensifying the effect of his eye contact with the audience."
-Mary Johnson, Baltimore Sun

" Physically he dominates the stage (he is very tall!). Clad all in black, he brings Clint Eastwood overtones to his stage persona. His singing is powerful, and his final monologue ... is unexpectedly poignant."
-Grace Hill
Bay Weekly, Vol. 17 Issue 52

"Padgett is particularly amazing. The difference between someone reciting poetry and someone actually interpreting the poetry can be huge. The same can be said for Padgetts interpretation. I have seen dozens of performances including two at the original Sullivan Street Playhouse and I can barely remember as astounding a performance as Padgetts. He truly makes the audience understand the meaning behind the pretty poetry that the narrator uses to frame the scenes. Add in his wonderful baritone voice that just rolls through this music and it is one of the best performances of this role I have ever seen."
-Ted Ying
DC Theatre Scene



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